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Hi my name is Danni.

I'm the face behind the lens, I'm a wife and mother of two little sweethearts. 

Capturing the 'moment' for me has always been a passion. Especially since the birth of my children. Yes I'm that mum that constantly has her phone or camera out... and hoping i don't miss a thing.


Our role as mother's is possibly the most important, yet we are almost always behind the lens.

We need to be infront of the camera, hugging our babies and capturing those tiny little moments that all add up to something magical. 

My beautiful natural light studio is located in Napier street, Strathmore.

I'm not much into posing. I get a nice mix of authentic and staged poses but I prefer to photograph my clients as they are: playing, laughing, cuddling, twirling, tickling, letting the wind blow through their hair, and naturally interacting.


I like to think of my work as real, raw, and intimate. I want to convey authentic, genuine connections through my work. I want your images to be real they take you back to that moment.

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